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MAY 20, 2020

Wildlife Forever Engages Wake Sports with Invasive Species Prevention

Contact: Dane Huinker

White Bear Lake, MN – Wildlife Forever has launched a new set of aquatic invasive species (AIS) educational materials tailored to the wake sports industry to educate boaters on preventing the spread of invasive species.

In partnership with the Boat US Foundation, Marine Max and MN DNR, a new video public service announcement (PSA), helps showcase important steps to remove water from boats and ballast tanks, along with weeds from trailers. Additional marketing and outreach materials are available for boat dealers, retail centers and inspectors at boat ramps.

We all want our public waters to be clean and free from invasive species. Working in partnership with the wake sports industry we hope to reach more people to instill AIS awareness in this rapidly growing sport,” said Pat Conzemius, President & CEO Wildlife Forever.

Read full story here

stop aquatic hitchhikers! Prevent the transport of nuisance species. clean all recreational equipment.

If you are a water recreationist—boater, angler, water-skier, sailor, or canoeist—there are some important things you can do to prevent the transport of invasive species from one lake or river to another. In Minnesota it is illegal to transport prohibited invasive species.

Clean in and Clean Out

1. CLEAN all visible aquatic plants, zebra mussels, and other prohibited invasive species from watercraft, trailers, and water-related equipment before leaving any water access or shoreland.

pic of person draining boat
2. DRAIN water-related equipment (boat, ballast tanks, portable bait containers, motor) and drain bilge, livewell and baitwell by removing drain plugs before leaving a water access or shoreline property. Keep drain plugs out and water-draining devices open while transporting watercraft.

pic of person disposing of bait
3. DISPOSE of unwanted bait, including minnows, leeches, and worms, in the trash. It is illegal to release bait into a waterbody or release aquatic animals from one waterbody to another. If you want to keep your bait, you must refill the bait container with bottled or tap water.

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